India Could Support Amazon ‘s Growth up to 20 Percent

  • India actually contributes little to Amazon’s net revenue but, according to technology investor Gene Munster, it is projected to become a crucial growth engine for the U.S. e-commerce giant.
  • He said India could theoretically contribute between 15 and 20 percent in the next five years to Amazon ‘s growth.
  • In addition to a $1 billion promise in January for small companies in India, Amazon has announced its investment of at least $6 billion, but it is still facing regulatory challenges in India, including antitrust investigations.

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Amazon stock price won Sunday when an Arbitrator in Singapore forced the firm to briefly avoid a big agreement between two leading Indian retailers: Future Retail and Reliance.In August, Future Retail, a subsidiary of the Future Group, announced that it will sell its firms to Reliance for $3.38 billion, including interest, for retail, wholesale and logístics, said Reuters. According to the news outlet, the Indian store ignored the contractual terms it agreed to in a separate arrangement with the American tech colossal, and Amazon filed a civil suit against Future Retail.

Mukesh Ambani, who belongs to India’s richest man, has taken the lead into India ‘s huge e-commerce market, dominated at present by Flipkart owned by Amazon and Walmart.In India, Amazon is rising. In South Asia, the electronic commerce corporation spent billions.It was only in the last 6 months when you thought of Amazon and its growth profile that they have worsened. Munster, the founder and management partner of CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia told CNBC on Tuesday.

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Amazon has announced at least $6 billion in investments in India, including a commitment of $1 billion in aid for small companies around the world in January. By 2025, the technology giant expects to sell India-made products worth $10 billion. However, in India the company is also faced with regulatory challenges, including antitrust samples. However, in India the Singapore arbitrator ‘s order could not be enforced immediately and an Indian court will be required to ratify it, Reuters said. According to the Reliance declaration, it plans to apply its rights and to conclude a contract without delay in a scheme and in an agreement with Future (Group).

According to Munster, dependence on Amazon stock price could win the dispute, since it has more political influence in India. He clarified that it is not likely that the final results will have any impact on the share price at Amazon as investors are not crediting the chance in India as the business actually makes very little contribution to overall revenue for the e-commerce firm. If you want to know stock information such as releases, you can check at

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